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By Tan Sihua · November 10, 2009



By Tan Sihua · November 8, 2009

Finally holidays are coming ! (: have waited long enough for O level to end. ( still left with 2 papers =x ) I'm starting work next Friday. I will make full use of my Thursday swimming and doing stuff that I like. Hahaha. Kinda glad to get this job as it wasn't a tough job. Definitely, its not FNB anymore after spilling hot water on a young kid. Lol, but who doesn't make any mistake. Got my holiday plan out. So eager to take up taekwondo after watching " Tao Hua Xiao Mei " . Well, the last year in CSS taught me how fragile a relationship or friendship could be. Nevertheless, I still totally enjoy my 5 years in there (:  Like how would you not enjoy when you got the cool-est friend around you. Thought I've to admit now that im not really close to my classmate now. Or the girls I usually hang around with. Its time to make new friends and accumulate good karma. Hahaha. Christmas is coming. and I totally love this season. No special reason. Have been thinking how to celebrate and whom to celebrate with. Guess I got to cancel my trip to Bangkok due to work ): ): ): three sad face ain't enough. But I swear I will shop like mad cow when I got my pay ^^  Hahaha. K lah, at least I did update my blog instead of letting it rot alone. Update on thur/ fri (:

Taken For Granted

By Tan Sihua · November 2, 2009

I will remind to myself that you are just a nobody to me. I hate people that are exactly like you. Thanks for giving me such nonsense. I will be stronger than ever to face the challenges.

Here comes Goodbye

By Tan Sihua · October 17, 2009

My previous post was full of typo errors ): Sorry. I was in a rush during that time yep.
Firstly, O level is coming now. And yes, I'm feeling super worried. I have no confidence in myself. Not at all. Worried for Practical, Worried for English, worried for Math, Worried for Science. Okay, worried for almost every single subject. Have been staying up till late in the wee hours to do some revision. Personally, I think it work rather well for me. Waking up in the night to do some self study. No distraction at all (: And I can see improvements in my Maths. The only thing to be happy about me. Humans only improve themselves under stress & pressure. The exam stress, Gah, I hate it.

<span style="font-size: xx-small;">Sometimes, I really hope that you are there for me. I don't care anything.
All I know that every girl need a shoulder to lean on, no matter how strong they are.



Truly, Madly, Deeply

By Tan Sihua · October 13, 2009

Mr Sham with the gifts. Star of the day (:

Mr Sham. Shikin giving him the card and choco flowers

In the toilet. Liwei, Amirah, Nadia, Me, Rosezina (:

 Atikah, me, Maisarah

Class photo taken (:

Yesterday was the class dinner. Over all, FUN (:
Ate @ Swensen.  Tried uploading a photo aken with me abd Supeng. But it seems that onsugar isn't working well ):
Super slow at uploading photos !! Wanted to change playlist. But super  lag as well.
Two more weeks to O level. I can feel the stress that is weighting on me. Am super worried that I might fail );
These few months have been pretty tough for me. And I've seen Karma though others.

When you are gossiping about others, you will soon realise that others are gossiping about you as well.
Whe you are trying to break a relationship, someone is planning to do the same to you.
When you just betrary someone, you will soon realise that everybody is turning their backs to you.
Karma, isn't it? So always treat others like how you wan others to treat you.

I've also learnt that nothing stays forever..
And I really hope that you were there for me, no matter when..
But it seems that all these are not going to go true..
I can never get myself out of this mess..
I really do need you. Im not as strong it seems. Im trying to fight back my tears.. As I know nothing is going to change.

My love will get you home

By Tan Sihua · October 5, 2009

Wanted to reply some mails, checking out my stuff and realise that my blog is so lifeless. I wanna change my playlist, but im busy. Super shag now. O level are coming means doomsday is coming as well. Arghhh, stupid exams. I can't wait til Os' over. I wanna go working and enjoy my teenage life. I have even planned for my Thailand trip at the eoy (: Imma happy kid. tsk..
Days have been pretty bad for me. Ups and downs. Oh well, who doesn't go through these nonsense.
This empty space really need some updates. but i've got nothing to blog at all -.- i suppose no one visit my blog anymore. haha. its left alone.
looking forward to 5N1 class dinner @ Thomson Plaza, Swesen (:
Update after the dinner with pictures. xoxo. bye2.

One step at a time

By Tan Sihua · September 4, 2009

Hi, I'm feeling down for a I don't know what reason. Lol. Like what Cher said " recently you very emo leh !! "  Well, I had my Sci MCQ paper today. I got to travel all the way just for an hour paper. Hahaha. The paper was average. Hopefullyyyyy, I can score well (: Someone said that my current blogskin is wayyy to simple and I should add something to it. I'll do it soon.

Everything is changing recently. The world is getting more complicated. Things are getting worst and I can't find a solution out of it. But people say " There is a sloution for everything"  You can't control whats going to change. Somehow, all these is just karma. What goes around, comes around. The past is already is the past. I guess the world won't stop revolving for you neither will people or friends change for you. But I believe God is fair to everyone. Life is fragile. However, I'll accept whatever the outcome is. I knew I tried my best.. You will only see yourself through others. I had a memorable childhood. But everything seems to be leaving me now. I don't know why things turn out in such a way. I meant no harm. Sometimes, I really want to find someone that could really accompany me, listen to my ranting once in a while. But it seems so impossible. It was found at no where. I guess its still the best to depend on yourself, not others. Life is tough. More and more obstacles ahead. You can't stop people from leaving you. Seriously, 2009 has been a really bad year. I still prefer the time when I was still in lower secondary. Burden free. I've never felt so down before. I guess its been a really stressful and bad year. Life is short, yet meaningful. I still remember people were always there for me when I'm feeling low. Reckon anybody will know how I'm feeling now.
I can never be yours, you can never be mine.
Everybody is changing, including myself.  Problems are definitely inevitable, but it comes down to a question : "How are you going to solve it?"
No doubt, sec school is still the best part of life for me. No matter what. I believe everything gonna be fine

My heart shattered into pieces as i see you walking away from me

By Tan Sihua · September 1, 2009

Hello, i just came back from school. School end super early today. But tomorrow we are gonna end school earlier. There is only practical exam tomorrow (: And add on to the joy. i just trim my hair again ! Hahaha. And Supeng got a haircut too.  Prelims are ending soon and September Holiday is next week. (?) This means that I'm getting nearer to my deadline for my art ): Geez. Fyi, im only halfway thru. Dead meat -.- I think i should really reallyyy buck up on my studies. Though I told myself umpteen times about this ! Hahaha. Oh, i just sat for my maths paper 2 today. I should say it was horrendous. Left many blanks. Kinda expected as well. I'm gonna work hard for Os. Hehe. Really reallyyy hard i promise. My parents birthday are coming. Gonna celebrate it together (: uber cool. I bet it gonna be awesome. Didn't have any outings during school day. So most of the post are super wordy. Hahaha. school day = boring day = no life = no good pictures to post.

By Tan Sihua · August 31, 2009

I forget to transfer all the photos I took today during the Teachers's Day Celebration to my memory card before sending it for repair !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

A smile re-cures the wounding of a frown

By Tan Sihua · August 30, 2009

What does friends mean to you ?
Some think that friends are meant to be like trash. Some think that friends are subsititude.
In times of need, take a look around you. Who is willingly to help you? Those "genuinely" act from others.
Like some people said, friends come and go. It is really difficult to find a kaki. Kaki = best buddy.
When you want to find someone to whine, to rant, to share your troubles with. They will just shake their ass and say goodbye, my friend.
Action speaks louder than words. Empty promises = rubbish.
While some nasty creature out there just want to make a fool of you. Giving you hopes and taking them away from you.
I strongly believe in karma. Being treated like trash, substitute. The feeling sucks.
Stubbornness will only make life miserable. But I'm glad that I'd manage to struggle through the difficult times.
Friends betray friends. That's the worst thing that can happen on anyone.
Humans are the worst creature on earth. Worst than rats and cats.
When it comes to emotion, no one can control about it. Falling in love with someone you shouldn't.
Time heals every thing. And I can't agree anymore with this sentence. Like what people said, "its just a matter of time"
The worst time I've pulled through. I'll stand on. Be stronger than ever. Such things are inevitable in life.



Enough of my ranting, life have been pretty stress lately.
School tomorrow :( Update again !


By Tan Sihua · August 29, 2009


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By Tan Sihua · August 28, 2009



Hi, just a very random post. I'm going to use this new site as my blog.
As I've been switching as well. This site is working fine.
At least much better compared to blogger.com
Currently having prelims now. Uploading cbox and others next week (:

By Tan Sihua · August 28, 2009

Hey, i'm currently using onsugar. just trying out .